What are Contextual Links? Why It's Important In SEO

What are Contextual Links? Why It's Important In SEO

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·Nov 2, 2021·

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Contextual links are a type of backlink that can have a great impact on SEO. There are many link building strategy guides out there, suggesting you to apply them. Why?

This article will review what contextual links are. These traits and why they contribute to your website's ranking.

A contextual link is a clickable piece of text (usually in the form of a phrase or anchor text containing a specific keyword). This type of link is located in the body of the writing paragraph on a website page.

Contextual links have a function as a connecting tool to pages that are references or additional information related to the context of the same discussion or ideas. The anchor text used, usually represents what information is on the destination page.

So, the anchor text used tends to be descriptive.

In the context of a link building strategy, contextual links can occur naturally or artificially. If it's natural, it means someone else is linking your page on their website voluntarily. If the contextual link is artificial, it means that the link occurred because of your intervention.

For example, you post articles on other people's sites as Guest Blogging. You place a contextual link in the article, which is directed to your page.

There's nothing wrong with artificial links. When, it's done the right way. Contextual links of this type can still help improve your SEO score. Which can increase popularity and credibility for you and your site.

Of course this is part of the SEO strategy. Especially in building internal link building. And if you apply it in your backlink building efforts, it is part of a great Off Page SEO strategy.

In essence, implementing contextual links can have an impact on increasing your site's ranking. There are many benefits for you..

Let's see, one by one;

  • Increase brand awareness of your business.
  • Improved SEO and recognition can lead to increased social media presence through
  • reposting and sharing.
  • Helps reduce bounce rate while also serving as a navigation tool.
  • You will rank higher in search engine results due to increased credibility, relevance, SEO score and user experience
  • Creating contextual links to other sites, also increases trust by showing users that you're not afraid to send them elsewhere to get the right answer
  • A higher site ranking will lead to more traffic - leading to greater conversion opportunities.

Including contextual links on your web pages, is very important for SEO. The best websites thrive on fully optimizing contextual links. Both for outgoing link types, as well as internal link types.

To optimize each link, anchor text should consist of relevant keywords. This relevance serves to help search engines determine the relevance of text when performing search queries. High relevance will lead to higher rankings and search results.

It's also helpful to use longer descriptive phrases for your contextual links.

By using these "longtail" keywords, search engines evaluate your contextual links as more natural.

Lastly, it is very important if you create contextual links to external sites point to authoritative sources that are valuable to readers. This increases credibility in search engines and is very beneficial for users.

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Vice versa, if you reach backlinks from other sites. Or maybe use a backlink building service from a third party, for example, try to try to get contextual link types. Of course, that is redirected to your relevant web page. This method will lure visitors to click. You have the potential to get high quality referral traffic.

By following these best practices, you can optimize contextual links for backlinks and implementation on your own web pages. Which will result in a higher SEO score.

So, hopefully useful.

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