7 Ways to Speed ​​Up Google's Index Process so Your Site Ranks Immediately

7 Ways to Speed ​​Up Google's Index Process so Your Site Ranks Immediately

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·Sep 6, 2021·

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Sometimes, Google takes a long time to index a website . However, there are actually ways you can do to speed up Google's index.

Generally, Google will automatically index the website within 1-7 days.

If it is indexed by Google, your site will be easier for users to find.

Curious how to quickly enter the Google index? Come on, see the following The Round explanation!

1. Take advantage of Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the mainstay tools in the field of search engine optimization (SEO). You can take advantage of various features in it for free.

The reason is, you can use some of the Google Search Console features as a way to speed up the Google index process.

These features include monitoring crawling, index errors, and website security issues, as written by Crazy Egg .

But before that, make sure you have registered your site in the SEO tools, yes.

2. Create an XML sitemap

The next way to quickly enter the Google index is to create an XML sitemap.

An XML sitemap is a list of web pages created to make it easy for search engines to find the website.

If your website is easy to find, Google will also find it easier to include your site in their index.

However, distinguish an XML sitemap from an HTML sitemap. While the XML sitemap is aimed at search engines, the HTML sitemap is aimed at users.

3. Create content

Google will find it easier to index websites that are considered quality.

Therefore, another way to speed up Google's index is to create quality and relevant content on your site.

This will show that your website is serious and worthy of being crawled by Googlebot.

After that, share your content on social media. If there are many people who visit your site, it will be easier for Google to find your site.

Creating quality content alone is not enough. You need to add internal links on your site.

Quoted from Yoast , internal links are links that come from a page on your website to another page on the same website.

You can add various internal links that match your content. This will help Google understand that you have a variety of content that is linked to one another.

5. Ping URL

If the four methods above have not accelerated Google's index of your website, ping the URL regularly.

URL pings or website pings are done to notify Google that there is a new update on your site. Then, Google will send a crawler robot to explore your website updates.

There are various tools that you can use to ping URLs, such as Pingomatic, Pingdom , and PingFarm .

However, don't ping too often. It will actually be considered spam by Google.

6. Create a content category page

If you have a lot of content on your website, try to create a category page. This stage is considered a quick way to get into the Google index.

The reason is, visitors will find it easier to browse your relevant content.

In addition, Google will also find it easier to find content that has a similar topic.

The last way to speed up Google's index is to build quality backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website.

With backlinks, it will be easier for Googlebot to find your site.

The more backlinks that point to your site, the more quality your website will be rated by Google.

Then, it will be easy for Google to crawl and index your site.

Those are various ways you can do to speed up Google's index. So, your website will more easily appear on search engine search pages.

In addition to the Google index, there are various other tricks you can do to optimize your site.

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