These 5 Ways for Fast and Effective Hotel Promotion

These 5 Ways for Fast and Effective Hotel Promotion

The research data is taken from the distribution of the number of hotels and operational rooms in 25 Asia Pacific countries.

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·Oct 16, 2021·

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The development of the property sector, especially the hotel sector in Indonesia, is increasingly advanced. The results of research publications from HVS on the Asia Pacific Hotel Operator Guide 2017 , stated that Indonesia was the fourth largest country in hotel development. The research data is taken from the distribution of the number of hotels and operational rooms in 25 Asia Pacific countries.

Property investment in the hotel sector in Indonesia has very bright prospects. If you are interested in investing, apply these 6 ways so that hotel promotions can run effectively and quickly.

1. Use Website

The website is one of the marketing strategies in digital form and also a means for branding hotels. The role of this promotional media is very effective. Moreover, now an easy and fast internet connection makes it easier for many people to access various information on web pages.

On the website, you can list all hotel-related information, such as various hotel products, facilities, advantages, promotions, and various conveniences for making room reservations. Prospective customers just open the official website to get the information they need. Do keyword optimization so that potential customers can easily find your hotel website.

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2. Maximizing the Power of Social Media

Social media is also a fast and strategic promotion tool in marketing hotel occupancy. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn can make it easier for you to market hotel products and their advantages easily and simply.

Through this platform, potential customers can also be directed to click various links on the official website. Also take advantage of paid promotions by advertising the hotel on various social media, so that ads will continue to appear when potential customers are busy surfing.

3. Focus on Repeat Guest by Collecting Data

Finding new customers must continue to be done. However, do not rule out customers who have stayed. Customers who have stayed overnight tend to find it easier to return to the hotel (repeat guest) if they are impressed and satisfied with the service.

An effective and efficient promotion that is worth trying is joining Airy. Airy is an affordable hotel reservation website. Adopting the Virtual Hotel Operator (VHO) concept, Airy will partner with various hotel owners throughout Indonesia to help rent out rooms.

4. Activate Mailing List or E-Mail Marketing

Another quick and effective hotel promotion strategy is to activate a mailing list or e-mail marketing. Mailing lists or e-mail marketing is an internet service that is useful for automatically sending messages or emails to existing customers who are registered on the mailing list.

By activating the mailing list, your hotel occupancy is likely to increase. All you have to do is send emails about promos and room discounts via the mailing list to customers who have registered on the mailing list.

5. Offer Something Unique

Don't forget to offer something unique or different from the others. It's okay to have many hotels/properties with the same facilities, but what makes the difference is the advantages offered. Highlight what are the plus points of your hotel or property.

For example, your hotel is very close to the station/airport, has a rooftop swimming pool, offers free meals on certain days, and the like. Although it looks trivial, exclusive things like this will really attract potential guests.

6. Promote Local Tourist Destinations

Marketing hotel.jpeg

Hotel promotion should not only focus on the hotel itself, but also on the development of local tourist destinations. So aggressively promote the tourist attraction where the hotel stands. That way, more guests will stay at your hotel.

For example, you set up a hotel in Malioboro, Yogyakarta. Then promote any interesting destinations in the area via the internet, then direct visitors to spend the night at your property.


Those are some simple and effective ways to promote hotel services online. Actually, there are still many ideas that you can do in building a solid hotel digital marketing strategy . However, what has been stated above can give you a fairly maximum impact.

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