9 Types of Aluminium and Their Functions in Human Life

9 Types of Aluminium and Their Functions in Human Life

There are different types of aluminium and their functions are used as needed.

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Currently, it can be said that aluminium is the most widely used metal by society. Aluminium metal has a fairly light density of 2.7 g/cm3. Even though it used to be very expensive, now aluminium is easy to get at affordable prices. There are different types of aluminium and their functions are used as needed.

Basically, aluminium is a reactive metal that is easy to oxidize with oxygen. The process will produce a layer of aluminium oxide. Broadly speaking, aluminium is divided into 2 types, namely aluminium for buildings and aluminium for machines.

What is Aluminium?

Many ordinary people wonder what Aluminium is. In terms of physics, Aluminium is the 13th element in the periodic table. In fact, Aluminium is the most abundant metal on earth and makes up 8.1 percent of the earth's crust.

However, Aluminium is not found freely in nature but is formed when combined with other reactive elements. Aluminium metal is formed when combined with oxygen compounds. So, Aluminium is called oxide while the natural resources obtained are called Aluminium oxide.

Aluminium oxide itself is defined as a mineral derived from bauxite. For the first time Aluminium was discovered from the extraction in 1825 by scientist Hans Oersted.

At that time the price of Aluminium was still very expensive. One of the factors causing the high price of Aluminium is because the manufacturing process is relatively complicated.

Over time, various studies and experiments were carried out to create Aluminium at an affordable price. Until finally in the 1880s found the easiest method to make Aluminium. As a result, from that moment on, there was a large-scale production of Aluminium which caused the price of Aluminium to drop drastically.

Several world scientists also contributed the definition of Aluminium itself. First, Daryanto (2009) defines Aluminium as a type of metal that is hard, not too strong, but supple.

Meanwhile, Sumanto (2005) defines Aluminium as a metal that has a very light density, Sumanto also examines if the specific gravity of Aluminium is 2.56 or equivalent to 1/3 of the specific gravity of copper metal.

Types of Aluminium and Their Benefits

In the world there is not only one type of Aluminium available. But there are different types of Aluminium and their different functions. Here is the full explanation.

1. Open Back

This type of open back frame Aluminium profile is often used for door installation. Usually the open back profile is located on the edge of the wall to connect to the door frame. The hallmark of an openback is that one side is open, where the open side will be closed with an M cap.


The “M” Aluminium profile is ideally applied to dead glass windows. As the name implies, the Aluminium profile M forms the letter M and has the same two sides as the openback. One side of the M profile can be closed.


The Z Aluminium profile has the appearance of the letter Z and is usually called the jeep car Aluminium profile. One of the reasons is because the shape of this Aluminium is similar to a jeep brand car. The Z Aluminium profile is only used on windshields that are turned off.


Aluminium flat cover profiles are used for openback side covers, M profiles, and Z profiles. People often use Aluminium flat covers for frame applications.


Aluminium lid M is named like this because its shape looks like an M profile. Usually only used for the application of dead glass in buildings and homes.


Z-cap Aluminium is used for Z-profile Aluminium side covers. People know Z-cap Aluminium by the name of the chuck.

Aluminium Function

Basically, Aluminium can be completely recycled, aka 100 percent without losing its natural properties. The Aluminium recycling process only requires 5 percent of energy to produce new materials. In addition, the Aluminium renewal process is also more cost-effective.

The characteristics of Aluminium make the metal can be used to fulfill various human lives. For example, it is used in the consumer goods industry, products, architecture, transportation, to electrical products.

Check out the full explanation below.

1. Architecture

Aluminium's strong properties and light density make it the most ideal metal for architectural applications. Moreover, the strength to load ratio is high. So it can be used for building repairs by using less binder than steel.

So, it is not surprising that Aluminium production itself is easier. Given that Aluminium metal is easy to press, bend, fold, and cut as desired. This is what makes Aluminium able to meet architectural needs.

Modern architects are finally free to create buildings according to their wishes more easily. For example, Aluminium is widely used when designing the phenomenal building of the Greenwich Energy Center.

2. As Consumer Goods

Aluminium is very easy to process and more efficient so it is often used to produce goods. Such as laptops, smartphones, flat screen TVs, and other household appliances.

In addition, the use of Aluminium is much more aesthetic because it makes the product look more modern and sophisticated. Moreover, Aluminium has excellent thermal conductivity. So, it is not surprising that the metal is often used for electrical equipment heatsinks.

3. Electricity

Aluminium has a relatively low density level so it is good for making long distance power lines. Aluminium metal is more ductile than copper. As a result, Aluminium can be combined d to create cables. Another advantage of Aluminium is that it is resistant to all kinds of corrosion which will protect the cable from various hard elements.

4. Transportation

Aluminium is also often used in transportation because it is strong and heavy. The lightweight density of Aluminium makes it easy to maneuver and drive. This will result in better fuel efficiency.

Aluminium for transportation is usually applied to aeronautics and aircraft seats. Basically the automotive industry is very dependent on the use of steel and Aluminium to minimize the risk of carbon dioxide emissions.

Why Aluminium Metal is the Right Choice

The use of Aluminium to meet various needs certainly has its reasons. Here are the reasons why the types of Aluminium and their functions are suitable for use.

1. Guaranteed Inventory

Aluminium metal is the result of fabrication so the supply of Aluminium is more secure than wood. In addition, the metal can also be recycled without reducing quality.

2. Different Types of Aluminium

There are different types of Aluminium and their functions that are utilized for large constructions. It is driven by the weight of Aluminium is quite light but sturdy. As a result, it can be easily shaped in accordance with the wishes of the architecture.

3. Not cheap

The price of Aluminium is relatively cheap but the quality is not cheap. To obtain quality Aluminium, you should choose based on thickness and usage needs.

4. Stable Expansion and Shrinkage

In essence, Aluminium metal can create stability, control, and good response to weather. These characters are what distinguish Aluminium from other metals.

5. Strong Adhesive Motive

Aluminium usually has a variety of motifs that make the appearance more artistic and varied. Especially supported by the sophistication of the powder coating method which makes Aluminium stronger because of its strong adhesion.

6. Free of Termites, Mildew and Weatherproof

When using Aluminium it will be quite quiet because it is guaranteed to be termite free. In fact, when Aluminium is placed in a damp area it will not mold and reduce its quality.

7. Easy Installation and Repair

In terms of installation of Aluminium is considered quite easy. In fact, many Aluminium on the market with various sizes and standards. So it's not too difficult to find distributors selling Aluminium out there.

The available Aluminium motifs are also different and can be ordered upon request. If there is damage, it is easier to repair without incurring expensive costs.

Such is the review of what Aluminium is, the types of Aluminium and their functions, and the reasons for using Aluminium. Hopefully the above review is useful.


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