Resident Evil 7 Review: More Scary and Enigmatic

Resident Evil 7 Review: More Scary and Enigmatic

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·Oct 23, 2021·

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Resident Evil 7 Review: I would like to say that, Resident Evil 7 is one of the best zombie games . I will explain why right now.

In 1996, gamers around the world were horrified by one of the most phenomenal games created by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara.

With the title Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan), Mikami and Fujiwara started one of the survival horror genre games that eventually spawned an extraordinary number of franchises.

From comics, novels, anime to Hollywood, the zombie outbreak featured in this game is also 'infected'. In the first Resident Evil (RE), gamers were curious about who the real inhabitants of the mansion located outside the city of Raccoon City were.

Since then, the RE series has undergone changes not only from the characters in the game, but the background of the game location has also changed.

Despite getting a lot of criticism in the last two RE series--Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6--Capcom, as the developer of the Resident Evil series, is risking everything in the latest series, Resident Evil VII (RE7).

Not wanting to repeat the same mistakes in the last two RE series, Capcom ventured to 'stew' a more gripping and scary RE7 story inspired by the old slasher film Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Officially launched on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, And this attracts the attention of many parties. Including me. Read on for the Resident Evil 7 review that we present below.

Resident Evil 7 Review: Background story

Set in a swamp in the backwaters of Louisiana, Capcom's 7th game features a new main character named Ethan Winters.

Ethan is surprised to find a video showing Mia - his wife - who was thought to have died 3 years earlier, but is still alive. Wanting to find the whereabouts of his wife, Ethan decided to explore the swamps of this Louisiana hinterland.

Mia's search eventually leads Ethan to a mysterious house and surroundings in the middle of the humid Louisiana swamp belonging to the Baker family.

Will Ethan be able to find Mia? Who are the real Bakers? After all, you have to play this Resident Evil 7 game yourself.

Like in a thriller film, RE7 begins with an atmosphere that seems ordinary. Although indeed, some things at the beginning of the game have made our hearts beat fast.

The atmosphere in the game also reminds us of other thriller and survival horror games, such as Alien: Isolation and Amnesia. Not only that, the change in perspective also reminds us of the two games.

Yup, Capcom made a bold decision to bring a different point of view in the game in the previous series, namely the first person view.

Resident Evil 7 Review: Gameplay

Even so, RE7 still uses the same formula as the early RE series. You will find various RE's characteristics, such as medicinal plants that can heal wounds, various item boxes, challenging puzzles, and various strange creatures and members of the Baker family to fight of course.

The first few hours before discovering weapons, the game feels very different to anything Capcom has done before. We were blown away by a series of shocking and gripping moments that were well-arranged.

In RE7, Capcom succeeded in exploiting the human nature of being afraid of the unknown and making this RE series the scariest ever.

However, the horror turned to courage after we found the first weapon--a 9mm gun--in the game, and the feeling of the long-known RE series was again felt in the game. However, that does not mean RE7 lost its horror after we found the weapon.

Even though you already have weapons, the ammunition in the game is quite limited. When dealing with monsters, we are forced to consider whether the ammunition available is worth using to kill the 'keroco' that appears or save it for facing tougher opponents.

Since we can only carry a limited number of weapons and items, we also have to strategize at all times. Several times, we were faced with situations where we had to face opponents with limited space, and opponents who moved erratically.

Even so, this is what makes RE7 different from previous RE series and other similar games. When dealing with members of the Baker family, we had to recognize their individual attack and movement patterns.


Overall, Resident Evil 7 is a gamble that bears sweet fruit for Capcom. Through this latest series, Capcom is able to pamper us and many loyal players who are curious to finish this game.

Source: Best Zombie Games for PS4 by Good games

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