How to Start an Online Beauty Products Business for Beginners

How to Start an Online Beauty Products Business for Beginners

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·Oct 21, 2021·

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How to start an online beauty products business for beginners? This article will review interesting tips and tricks for success from the experts.

Recently, many people have switched to selling online. You who like the world of beauty may be inspired to do business in cosmetic products. This business is worth considering considering that the trend of sales of makeup and skincare tends to remain stable during the pandemic.

The founder of 101red, Christina Lie , also provides online business tips that can be applied by beginners to start a business selling beauty products.

How to Start an Online Beauty Products Business for Beginners

In the virtual business workshop of the Business Idea Festival held by, Christina Lie shared her knowledge and experience about online business.

In her presentation, Christina said that the potential of beauty products always increases every year.

Even so, there are several things to consider before getting into the skincare or makeup product business.

1. Know Skin Problems

Before jumping into the beauty business, one of the important tips to know is to research the needs and of course the market. You need to know what people's skin problems are and how to solve them. According to him, the average Indonesian is looking for acne-free and brightening skin care. Christina Lie also suggested that prospective businessmen look for something more specific so that they can become 'big fish in a small pond'.

Christina also briefly discussed beauty trends since 2020. Where can be the inspiration for the beauty product business.

According to him, the glowing face trend in 2019 is no longer in great demand after many women feel it doesn't fit.

"In 2019, the glowing trend that looks shiny is now not liked. The makeup industry, which previously released products for glowing, has started to run to a natural finish, this year, sensitive skin care has a place," said Christina.

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3. Social Media

It's no secret that social media plays an important role in the beauty business. Christina also said that if most women see cosmetic references from influencers, then installing endorsements is worth trying. In addition, women also prefer online shopping because they assume it is cheaper. As for men, there are still many of them who trust the opinions of family or friends more.

4. Pay Attention to Age

One of the online business tips for beauty products that deserves attention is the target age. Adjust the target age of the product being sold to where you market the product. If the target audience is people aged 36 and over, it is recommended to use Facebook instead of Instagram.

5. Interested Products

Based on the data, there are several beauty products that are always in demand by customers when buying on shopping sites. Those items are toner, essence, serum, and clay mask. This is also a consideration when launching or providing a product.

"Why is there always a serum? Because girls are lazy, they think with serum they don't need toner, essence, and so on," he said.

To find out what customers need, it is recommended to read trends from Google Trends. From there, you may be able to find inspiration based on data rather than assumptions.

"Many people assume that women don't need lipstick during a pandemic. But when researched the graph of lipstick has increased recently compared to eyeliner or mascara. In fact, logically people will use eye products because they use masks,"

7. Collaboration with Influencers

As previously mentioned, women trust influencers more than friends or family when it comes to beauty. Therefore, it is good to work with influencers even if you cannot endorse those who are already very well known. Testimonials from influencers can be used as savings to attract customers.

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