All The Charges On Tommy Robinson’s Rap Sheet

Tommy Robinson is not a political prisoner.

Aug 30, 2021·

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All The Charges On Tommy Robinson’s Rap Sheet

Listen to the wrong people and you would be led to believe that Tommy Robinson is a free speech warrior and a political prisoner, who’s only crime is exposing establishment lies.

The truth, however, is completely different. Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, has committed multiple offences with absolutely none of them having anything to with being a free speech martyr.


In 2005, Robinson was jailed for 12 months for assault occasioning actual bodily harm, for which he was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment, and assault with intent to resist arrest, for which he received a concurrent term of three months.

Assaulting a police officer

In 2010, Robinson was charged with assaulting a police officer during clashes at a poppy burning protest. After the fighting, a police officer was taken to hospital after trying to intervene in a 50 man brawl.

Rooftop protest

In 2011, Robinson and EDL co-founder Kevin Carroll flew to Zurich to protest on the roof of a FIFA building that England were not allowed to wear poppies on their kit because of FIFA’s political symbol ban. They were fined £3,000 for their troubles.

Assault at his own rally

In 2011, Robinson was convicted of assault for an attack at an EDL march in Blackburn. After he was goaded for being a government and police informant Robinson launched into a verbal tirade against those protesting against him. Robinson then proceeded to headbutt one of the march goers.

Luton football riot

In July 2011, Robinson was found guilty of leading a brawl that included 100 Luton Town football fans into a fight with Newport County fans. Fans were heard chanting ‘EDL till I die.’ For the crime committed, he was given a suspended 12-month prison sentence and banned from Luton football matches for 3 years.

Using someone else’s passport

In January 2013 Robinson was jailed for 10 months for travelling to the USA on his friend’s passport. Robinson admitted the charge of possession of a false identity document with improper intention. The passport Robinson used was under the name of Andrew McMaster. He checked himself in on the way out from Heathrow airport however when he arrived in the USA customs officials took his fingerprints and realised he was using a passport that was not his own.

Mortgage fraud

In 2014, Tommy Robinson was sentenced to prison for 18 months for committing mortgage fraud with the crime dating back to 2009. After pleading guilty in November 2013 to committing £160,000 worth of mortgage fraud Robinson was sentenced at St Albans Crown Court.

Whilst passing the sentence, the judge told Robinson: ‘This was an operation which was fraudulent from the outset and involved a significant amount of forward planning.’

“I am satisfied you took part in a thoroughly dishonest course of conduct,’ he told him.

Contempt of court 1

In 2017, Robinson was given a 3 month suspended sentence after he admitted a contempt of court charge for attempting to photograph juvenile defendant in a court case whilst having no right to do so. Court security had told Robinson not to film in and around the court as it would lead to his arrest. The 3 month suspended sentence could be activated within 18 months.

Contempt of court 2

Finally, earlier this year, the crucial case that led to Robinson being jailed and sparked the ridiculous Free Tommy protests. Robinson is currently serving a 13-month sentence for contempt of court. Robinson was arrested after Facebook live streaming outside Leeds Crown Court for an hour despite their being reporting restrictions on the case. Because he had a suspended sentence for the same crime the judge sentenced Robinson to 13 months in prison. Robinson pled guilty.

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